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The Himalayan
The Colourpoint breed / Himalayan was an attempt to established a Siamese – pattern cat of Persian coat ; body type and head type , which at the same time exhibits the pigmented points and deep blue eyes which are found in the Siamese and some other breeds. Although British and American breeders have always agreed on this aim , there has been disagreement over name and status. In North America the breed is known as Himalayan and is classified as a separate long – haired breed.
During 1950 in the US , the Siamese was crossed with the Persian to create a breed with the body type of the Persian but with the colour point pattern of the Siamese.. The pigmented points occur on the face , ears feet and paws as well as on the tail.  There is a distinct contrast between the cream body colour of the coat and the dark brown or reddish – brown points. A variety of point colours exists.
In the UK the breed was recognized as the Colourpoint Longhair and in the United States , the breed is known as the Himalayan. (Pintera , A : 1988. Hamlyn Colour Guides Cats.p.74) In 1955 Colourpouint Longhairs were recognized as a separate breed in Brittain and on the continent. In 1957 the breed was given recognition in America , where it is most widely spread and known a Himalayan. (Pintera , A : 1988. Hamlyn Colour Guides Cats.p.76)
The Himalayan stood as a separate breed in the US until 1984, when the CFA merged it with the Persian, to the objection of the breed councils of both breeds. After that : in Britain and most other countries , the breed is considered to be a colour variety of the Persian and is known as the Colourpoint Longhair  (Wright , M & Walters , S : 1980. The Book of the Cat  p60)
Some Persian breeders were unhappy with the introduction of this "hybrid" into their "pure" Persian lines.