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History of the Chinchilla
The first Longhaired Chinchilla cats appeared in the 1880's in England. They were the result of mating between silver tabbies and smokes.
Guard and awn hairs with distinct tipping are the basic features of the Chinchilla. Each hair is black tipped to at most , one – eight of its length. Tipped hairs should appear only on the back , sides head, ears and upper side of the tail. Other parts of the body , ear tufts included , should remain pure white and without tipping. In addition to standard Chinchillas , Blue ,  Chocolate and Lilac varieties have recently been bred.

Apart from the attractive sparkling coat , the superb impression created by Chinchillas is highlighted by the eyeliner effect around the expressive eyes , with variations of emerald green in colour.
In the basic silver variety the eyes are rimmed with black or dark brown , while in other varieties the rims can be blue , brown or lavender pink , in harmony with the ground colour. The colour of the paw should be the same as that of the rims.