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Standards for the Chinchilla
  • They are generally smaller than their ancestors.
  • The Persian standard requires a "cobby" cat. The Chinchilla Longhair standard allows for a medium body size.
  • Their ears are of medium size and not small as required in the Persian standard.
  • Compared to the Chinchilla Persian Standard, their noses are too long. They definitely do not have "snub" noses, but feature strong, healthy noses that came with their original ancestors. The ideal is to have a nose that is equal in length and breadth.
  • They are not prone to the head faults that got introduced by extreme breeding, like tearing, jaw misalignment, snoring and loss of mascara liners.
  • The soft coat texture was preserve. (Out crossing reported irreversible lost of texture).
It is anticipated (but not verified) that the hair shaft is still translucent and free from pigmentation, which may not be the case in modern Chinchilla Persians that were out crossed to introduce different colours