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First steps with a new kitten
Cats spend much of their lives asleep, and they will tend to please themselves where they sleep. You can discourage the use of chairs and your own bedding by providing bedding of their own. Cleanliness , comfort and warmth are the basic requirements with protection from draughts. The bed should be big enough for the cat to stretch out when fully grown and enclosed on three sides for cosines and security. Wicker baskets are available , however a cardboard box or igloo will be better.  Make sure both choices are layered with enough bedding (first layered with newspaper for isolation and topped with warm soft blankets. Baby blankets are ideal.. Change bedding regularly to ensure that it is kept clean and dry.
Bringing home a new kitten:  shut all windows and doors and ensure that your home is safe. Kittens are the best confined to one room until they have gained confidence. Avoid contact with other cats or too many people or distracting noises , but at the same time give plenty attention. Toddlers too young to understand how to handle a kitten are best to kept out of the way or wait until your child is much older before getting a Persian kitten.  Supply twice a day food , daily fresh water and 2 litter trays. After feeding , the kitten should shown his litter tray. The best way is to confirm the presence of the litter tray as many times as possible. In the new house , a kitten may still need encouragement to use the tray. And do not move the litter tray around.. One common sign that your kitten is settling in,  is when it starts groom itself and starts exploring on his own.