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More info about the different colours :
The Seal Colourpoint  shows the most distinct contrast between the cream body colour of the coat and the dark brown or reddish – brown points. The muzzle and paw pads should be dark brown in keeping with the points colour.
The body colour of the Chocolate Colourpoint should be be ivory with chocolate – chocolate coloured points. The muzzle should be milk chocolate and the paws pads be cinnamon to chocolate.
In the Blue Colourpoint , the basic is a glacial blue to lilac body colour.  The muzzle and paw pads should be slate blue with matching blue eyes.
The Red Colourpoin : A variety was develped in America : the points are deep red , almost orange –this variety is known as the Flame Point Himalayan and are free of any hints of Tabby markings at the points. The  Flame Point Himalayan does not occur in Europe and is not recognized by FIFe.
The Cream Colourpoint has pastel cream paw pads and muzzle – it is extremely difficult to determine the colour variety properly between the Red and Cream baby.
The Tabby (Lynx) Colourpount can be grouped into 20 different colour varieties.  As with the Tortie Colourpoint which can be divided into four varieties. . (Pintera , A : 1988. Hamlyn Colour Guides Cats.p.84 & 85)